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Hello, and welcome to my eLearning Portfolio page. My name is Paul Heitsch and I’m currently pursuing a degree in eLearning, with the goal of expanding my career into eLearning design and development. This page is dedicated to showcasing things I’ve done, either professionally or as class assignments, that require proficiency with one or more of the technical, production, and creative skills that are relevant to eLearning.

If you’re interested in viewing my bio, you can click the Bio link up there in the main menu across the top of the page (or you can click the link in this sentence. See what I did there?)

Otherwise, let’s get started…


This first item is something I did in Flash as a demo for a corporate eLearning company. They provided some of the assets and parameters, and I put this together:
Diamond Brilliance demonstration
(For the record, I would have recorded the VO better. The guy they hired talks waaaay too fast.)

This next item was produced in Storyline, and is currently in development to include quiz modules. This video is a screen capture of the Storyline project that I made with Camtasia:
Stuart Hall Fine Arts Emphasis Program

And this is a “flipped” lesson I created using Ted Ed. Ted ed allows you to enhance existing videos into eLearning modules that include quizzes and discussion topics. I found a video tutorial on the basics of digital audio that really spoke to me, so I used that to demonstrate this tool:
Digital Audio 101

Video/Audio Post

A few years ago I worked for one of 2K’s development studios and this video is part of a pitch we presented to them for a game idea we had for the Kinect. I did all the audio post; I don’t have rights to the Voice Over portion, and can’t include it on a public web page, but I wrote the music, (using Logic Pro, primarily with Vienna Symphony Library virtual instruments), and edited, mixed and mastered the final audio in Avid’s ProTools.

And this is a cut from something I did with animator Tom Hepburn, when we both worked at Peak Image. Again, I used ProTools to create the audio track, and synch to the video
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And, finally, this is a trailer I made in iMovie for e Learning Technology class:
“Vicki & Paul” (it still needs some work)


These are projects I did for a Media Arts and Design class.

This was a Get to Know Photoshop assignment; I took four photos and made a montage of me and my kids. The earth and sky photos are from stock libraries. The pictures of me and the kids were scanned with an HP PhotoSmart all-in-one device.

Photoshopped montage of me, Sam, and Robert

Another assignment was to take an existing  movie poster and change the theme of the movie.

So… this is the original poster:

…and this is my altered version:

I really enjoyed this assignment! The biggest challenge was getting the text right. I spent a lot of time trying to find a font that matched the existing text, and a few came close but none were good enough matches for me. What I wound up doing was to change the headline and subhead by copy/pasting letters already in the original and healing the gaps that were left when the original text was layered over. The rest was pretty straightforward – finding images to layer over the original (the manhattan in Olivia Wilde’s hand was my favorite) and getting the scale and layout to work. I had to give Daniel Craig a different right thumb so that he looked like he was holding a bottle instead of a Colt .45, and I was pleased with how that came out, too. The bar in the background is actually three different bars, stitched together, and the band and patrons are cut from stills from the cantina scene in “Star Wars.” And, yes, Greedo appears twice, but one is the original and the other is the digitally enhanced version, so please no letters or phone calls.

Page Layout

These are a couple of magazine layouts I did in Adobe InDesign. (The text was written and formatted in Word, which I find is a much better text editor than InDesign.)

This first is a newsletter published by the School of Theatre and Dance at James Madison University, where I work as an administrator and Music Director:

And this is a made-up magazine layout I designed for a Media Arts Design class at JMU: