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Don’t Touch That Dial!

How many of you remember the title sequence from “The Outer Limits?” For those readers born after the Kennedy administration, here’s what I’m talking about: This iconic science fiction anthology series was a staple of my TV diet back in the day, and I still enjoy catching occasional episodes on…

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More Music Demos

I’ve posted more music demos, including some Children’s Interactive and Corporate pieces, to the Music Demos page. Drop by, give ’em a listen, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

PPA’s new site is live ! !

Welcome to the new and *very* improved Push Play Audio web site. There’s a lot of new demo material, and I’ve branched out to voiceover, (and, let’s face it, the old site was pretty lame). I’ll be tweaking some things here and there, so visit often and behold my progress….

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